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Mac OS X Leopard: Stacks

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One of the new features that I really like in Leopard (although I appear to be in a minority here) is Stacks. In the past my Desktop used to be cluttered with files and folders, which had to be periodically cleared away in a virtual Spring-cleaning exercise. No longer!


Essentially Stacks are folders placed in the Dock (which sort of acts like the strip at the bottom in Windows where you can launch programmes and files, only in a lot more user-friendly way) in order to access your favourite files. Leopard has two default Stacks, one for Documents and another for Downloads, but these can be removed or added to. When you click on a Stack its contents spring out fan-like from the Dock. If there are more files than can be accommodated in the fan there is a “Show in Finder” option. Alternatively you can revert to a grid view by right-clicking on the Stack (or by pressing CTRL/COMMAND with the mouse button for those with a one-button mouse) and choosing that option from the pop-up menu. There is also an “Automatic” option which will switch from the fan to grid view in need, as well as alternative file-sorting options.

It could be argued that Stacks is one of the more underwhelming features in Leopard. After all it was possible in the past to place folders in the Dock. (In fact Apple has been criticised by many for removing the ability to navigate hierarchical menus. I don’t share this point of view because I have always found it easier to navigate files in the Finder, but each to his own.) While there is some truth in this, Stacks scores points in my book for enabling this feature out of the box. Others may not appreciate the eye candy of the fan effect but in my opinion it is an elegant solution for those who want quick access to their favourite files without having to revert to the Desktop.


Written by macinjay

November 24, 2007 at 10:32 am

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