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iPhone suit

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It had to happen! Somebody is suing Apple following the recent iPhone price-cut.

I know that these sort of fatuous lawsuits are common in the US but this is ridiculous. It would be understandable if Apple had a market monopoly or was providing an essential service; quite the contrary, the smart phone market is very competitive and no one has to have an iPhone (even if they think they do).

In any event it is hardly a secret that early adopters always pay more than those who have the patience to postpone their purchase; it was evident that the iPhone was pricey to begin with when compared to other phones with similar feature-sets. The price cut may have been particularly sudden and steep but was hardly unprecedented.

I hope that the judge in this case has a bit of common sense and throws this woman and her lawyer out of his court.


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October 2, 2007 at 8:10 am

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