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Return of the Mac

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My worst fears were realised after C3 (the name of the Apple authorised service centre I took my iMac to) eventually diagnosed the problem with my G5. By the way, if you ever have a similar problem DON’T take your Mac there – their service is shoddy. It took them the better part of three weeks to fax me a quote for repairs. Anyway, according to them it was indeed a blown logic board that would cost me close to R8000 to replace.

I had already been agonising whether there would be any point in spending that sort of money to repair it. Due to the rapid advance of computer technology these machines are quickly outdated by newer and better models. For a thousand or so more than the cost of the repairs I could have gone out and bought a brand new MacBook. Much as I love the iMac, it just didn’t seem cost-efficient to revive it. Also now that we are living in a bigger place a laptop is more appealing; it can be carried around the house whereas the iMac was restricted to our study in the loft.

However the MacBook line has a glaring disadvantage, namely integrated graphics. As a result they are not suitable for things like heavy video-editing and serious gaming. The MacBook Pros on the other hand have NVIDIA GeForce dedicated graphics and are prized by more demanding users and gamers. So, after further soul-searching I decided that the MacBook Pro was the computer that I really wanted. I ended up getting a nice deal on a 15″ 2.2 GHz shop demo last week, which I am using to write this post.

I haven’t looked back since. In contrast to my iMac the MacBook Pro handles Leopard with aplomb. I heard somewhere that Leopard had been optimised to run on Intel’s multi-core processors and I can well believe it. The MacBook Pro’s extra RAM (2 GB to the iMac’s 512 MB) also makes a big difference.

No longer am I restricted to using my Mac in the study; now it can go wherever I go. All I need to do now is figure out out to access the Internet using my cellphone as a modem.

In any event the most important thing is that I now have a Mac again after having to make do with my wife’s Windows laptop for the last few weeks. Now I can carry on exploring the new features in Leopard, as I promised to do before I broke my iMac.

More to come…


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November 22, 2007 at 10:03 pm

Mac nightmare

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After I installed Leopard I decided that it was finally time to upgrade my RAM, as my iMac was noticeably slower. So I bought a 1 Gig stick of memory from a supplier on the West Rand. Of course when I tried to install it that night it wouldn’t fit into the expansion slot, despite me having given the assistant the exact specifications that I needed. In my naiveté I managed to get the module in anyway.

Needless to say, after I restarted my Mac emitted a series of loud beeps. The white light in the bezel came on but the screen remained ominously dark. I turned off the machine and restarted it again after removing the RAM module – same result 😦

So this morning I dropped it off for repairs. The consultant told me that she thought it sounded like a blown logic board, which would put me back between four- and eight-thousand rand. That is if I decide it’s worth fixing; I can buy a new MacBook for less than 10k.

Lesson learned: leave the technical shit to the technicians.

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October 31, 2007 at 8:24 pm

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